Computational Fluid Mechanics group

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Research 2017/18

The main research interest of the group is the development of mathematical models and numerical methods aiming to understand and simulate the behavior of fluid flow and other associated phenomena, such as heat transfer and chemical reaction. Both theoretically and industry, there is a current clear need to predict the transport of matter, momentum and energy within fluid flows. Let us cite as an example the weather forecast, transport of pollutants in the atmosphere and water resources, waves and flood risk caused by nature or man-made, design and optimization of industrial equipment such as wind turbines, combustors, internal combustion alternative engines, etc.

Although the governing equations for these phenomena are well known, it is impossible to know the analytical solution in practical realistic situations. On the one hand, the nonlinearity of the equations and irregular domains of interest, and secondly, the complexity of some physical mechanisms involved as turbulence and chemical reaction, reveal the necessity of developing simpler models of phenomena and efficient computational techniques for the calculation. Hence, the research work developed in the Computational Fluid Mechanics Group has a paramount importance to society an economy of the Aragón region, as it has a direct impact on raising the competitive level of its companies. The group's work focuses on five specific research areas: